Terms And Conditions

Effective date: May 2017




**Client Responsibilities and Service Provision**

The undersigned party/parties referred to as "Client," hereby engage Florida's Wedding DJs to provide DJ/Event services. This Agreement constitutes a legally binding contract that encompasses the entirety of the agreement between the parties. Any modifications require written consent from both parties and must be appended to the original agreement.

**Service Period**

Florida's Wedding DJs agrees to initiate DJ/Event Services no earlier than the specified start time in this agreement. Photo booth operations shall be available for at least 80% of the agreed duration, with potential temporary interruptions for maintenance.

**Retainer and Payment**
A 50%  non refundable deposit is due at the time of booking with a signed copy of this agreement to reserve your event date.services.  Balance payments are due no later than 30 days prior to the event date if paid online via the client portal or The day of the event in cash. Remaining balances must be paid prior to the DJ setting up/upon DJ arrival. Failure to arrange/ make a balance payment will result in loss of the event date, services and any payments that have already been made.   We offer a 20% discount if you pay your full balance up front at the time of booking.  Deposits /any paid balance payments are strictly Non-Refundable.

Please note: The guarantee does not cover situations beyond our control, such as power outages, extreme weather conditions, or actions by venue staff that interfere with our performance. Our liability is strictly limited to the cost of hiring our DJ services.

By signing this contract, you agree to the terms outlined in this 100% DJ Guarantee and Payment Terms.

**Changes and Cancellations**

Alterations to event date, time, or location require written notice at least thirty (30) days before the original date. Changes are subject to DJ/photo booth availability and necessitate a new Service Contract. Unavailable alternate dates result in forfeiture of the deposit/any already paid amounts. Cancellation before the event date leads to forfeiture of all payments.

**Parking and Access**

The Client ensures parking provision for Florida's Wedding DJs' vehicle near the event venue, including required permits or passes.

**DJ/Photo Booth Setup**

A suitable area compliant with size and accessibility requirements must be arranged by the Client for DJs/photo booth setup. Photobooth outdoor placement is acceptable with weather protection. The Client is responsible for power (110V, 10 amps, 3-prong outlet). Setup requires a minimum of 3 hours prior to the start time.

**WiFi Access**

A venue Internet connection of at least (1MB) is necessary for Florida's Wedding DJs' social media services. Inadequate Internet speed is not the responsibility of the company.

**Online Gallery and Digital Files**

The Client assumes responsibility for safeguarding photographs upon receipt of high-resolution files. Florida's Wedding DJs is not accountable for media obsolescence due to technological changes. The Client must ensure the transfer of digital files to new media as needed.


Florida's Wedding DJs will create printouts based on Client-supplied material, providing one draft and one revision. Additional revisions incur a fee of ($300) per hour.

**Model Release and Liability**

Florida's Wedding DJs reserves rights to use photo booth images for promotional purposes. The Client indemnifies the company for image usage. Liability is limited; the company, its employees, managers, officers, or agents shall not be liable for any damages, losses, or injuries, except as stated in this Agreement.

**Additional Terms and Conditions**

1. **Payment:** The Client agrees to pay the DJ via the online payment portal for deposits and/or full amounts. Payment can be for deposits or full amounts at the time of booking. You may pay in full at booking to save 20% off your total if you choose this option your payment is strictly non-refundable. 20% off promotion does not apply to all packages ask your DJ before purchasing.

2. **Start Time:** The DJ will start music at the designated time in this contract. Setup will occur 1 to 3 hours before the start time.

3. **Travel Fees:** Packages with included travel may incur fees outside a 60-mile radius.

4. **Cancellation:** A cancellation will result in payment of 100% of the gross price agreed upon. Deposits are strictly non-refundable.

5. **Setup Logistics:** Adequate space and easy access to the setup area are required. Stairs or obstacles may incur additional charges.

6. **Setup Requirements:** The DJ requires a sufficient power supply (110V standard plug) and setup space. The Client will be charged for setup obstacles.

7. **Music Selection:** The DJ will make best efforts to play requested music, but availability is not guaranteed.

8. **Force Majeure:** Unforeseen circumstances (wind, fire, flood) that render the facilities unavailable release the DJ from obligations.

9. **Replacement:** If unforeseen complications prevent the DJ from performing, a reputable replacement will be provided.

10. **Additional Time:** Clients may extend services at a rate of $100 per half hour.

11. **Location Change:** Changing the event location may result in adjusted contract prices.

12. **Property Damage:** The Client is liable for stolen or damaged property caused by the Client or guests.

13. **Termination:** The DJ may terminate services due to offensive behavior or dangerous situations.

14. **Late Fees:** Daily fees apply for delayed payments.

15. **Tax/Fees:** All bookings are subject to tax/fees.

16. **Balance Payment:** Due at the end of the event

17. **Audio Guestbook Rentals:** Rental terms and conditions apply for audio guestbook rentals.

18. **Client Responsibility:** Clients acknowledge responsibility for adhering to these terms when making payments.

19. **Collection:** Nonpayment may lead to collection agency/attorney involvement, with the Client responsible for associated fees.

By booking or paying for services, the Client acknowledges and agrees to these terms.