Your full payment will be charged at the time of booking your event, 50% of this is treated as a non-refundable deposit. In the event of a Natural disaster, fire, or act of god the remaining balance will go back to the client. However if the cient chooses to cancel the event at any time they will forfiet the full amount/ balance owed to FWD.  Each case is different and a refund may be given in special circumstances. This is a decision held by the owner. Your refund is permitted may take 7-15 business days to process.


The client agrees to pay the DJ/ by utilizing the online payment portal for the full amount.  The client agrees that the DJ can but is not expected to start the music until the time designated in this contract. In addition, the client understands that the DJ will set up his/her equipment 1 to 4  hours before the start time.  In the event you have a large order the DJ/Crew may need acess to the event location the day before. Be sure to check with your DJ for this information.

If the client decides to cancel the contract client agrees to pay 100% of the gross price agreed upon.  The DJ must have easy access to the entrance closest to the area where services will be performed the client understands the DJ may charge the client an additional fee or fees resulting from parking and or fee’s if applicable. 

The client will be responsible for providing sufficient enough space for DJs equipment and sufficient power supply “1-110v standard plugin” or one outlet. Dancing on the clouds is performed with only the venues permission and discretion. 

The DJ will give his or her best effort to play all the agreed-upon musical playlist which was requested by the client and is appropriate for the event. The DJ will not be responsible if musical selections are not available during the event that was not requested at least 7 days prior. Furthermore, the DJ reserves the right to use his or her professional discretion during the event to ensure a successful event. 

The DJ is not responsible for providing services in events that rain, wind, fire, flood, or any act or force of God or man that makes the facilities unavailable at the time date and place listed below. 

In the event that the DJ becomes unable to provide his or her services due to complications beyond his or her control the DJ will do his or her Best to provide a reputable replacement at no more than the original price agreed upon. It is not always guaranteed that your replacement DJ will have all of the same services originally contracted as not all DJs have the same equipment. We will do our best to make sure you get everything you originally booked if this ever happens.

The client may be allowed to hire the DJ for additional time passed the contract agreement at a rate of $100 per hour only if the DJ has the time to do so.

In the event client changes the location, the DJ reserves the right to adjust the contract price that reflects those changes, in its sole discretion. 

The client agrees to reimburse the DJ for all stolen or damaged property directly caused by the client and or guests of the client, or any power issues such as faulty wiring or improper power supplied this includes generators. The DJ has the right to terminate services and leave if guests are offensive, inappropriate or if a dangerous situation arises. 

The Client Must fill out the forms using the planning site provided.  These forms are designed to keep everything going smoothly and without confusion. 


by Booking Services or (Paying for any services) Via Floridas Wedding DJs Payment portal,  You  Acknowledge and agree to these terms. 

The client agrees that should this matter be turned over to a collection agency/attorney, for nonpayment the client will be responsible for all reasonable attorney fees and/or document collection agency fees.