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Welcome to Florida's Wedding DJs—Your Epitome of Wedding Entertainment in Central Florida.

From our humble beginnings in the bustling arenas of MTV and the pulsating dance floors of local nightclubs, we've evolved into Central Florida's most exclusive, 100% weddings-only DJ service since 2007. Our journey has been one of innovation, excellence, and a relentless pursuit of perfection—a journey that enables us to turn ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. 

 Why Choose Us

🎶 Musical Excellence: Our DJs are masters of their craft, trained to curate personalized playlists that resonate with your unique love story. 

💍 Sophistication: We bring an unparalleled sense of luxury and elegance, right from your pre-ceremony to the reception, making every moment of your big day not just memorable but genuinely regal. 

🌟 Premium Technology: We pride ourselves on using state-of-the-art sound systems and dynamic lighting arrangements to set an ambiance that complements your high standards. 

🛠 Online Planning Suite: Our robust planning tools ensure a seamless coordination process, from song selections to special event timelines, all available in our exclusive online client suite. 

💫 Signature Add-Ons: From 'Dancing in the Clouds' to CO2 Cannons, custom monogram projections, and even all-white British telephone booths for that distinctive touch—our service offerings are as unique as you are. 

The Florida's Wedding DJs Promise 

We understand that your wedding day is a culmination of dreams, expectations, and lifelong promises. That's why we are committed to not just meeting, but exceeding your expectations in every way. With Florida's Wedding DJs, your celebration won't just be spectacular; it will be unforgettable. 

Let us be the maestros of your love story. Book Now for an unparalleled wedding experience.





"From the moment we booked, we knew we were in good hands. Florida's Wedding DJs exceeded all expectations, and the custom monogram projection was the icing on the cake!"  
— Vanessa & Greg, September 2023

"The intelligent dance lighting set the mood perfectly. We loved the CO2 cannons, they brought extra energy to our celebration! Florida's Wedding DJs are a must-hire for any wedding."  
— Michelle & Brian, August 2023

"Absolutely blown away by the all-white DJ podiums and British telephone booths. It added a chic touch to our wedding. The online event planning tool made the preparation effortless. Highly recommend!"  
— Rebecca & Derek, July 2023


"The all-white British telephone booths were such a hit. Added a unique touch!"   
— Nicole & Larry, January 2023 

"Love the spotlight grand entrances, it made us feel so special!"   
— Carol & Doug, November 2022 

"Highly skilled DJs, very attentive and responsive to the crowd's vibe!"   
— Ashley & Roger, August 2022 

"Florida's Wedding DJs know how to keep the party alive! Fantastic evening!"   
— Christine & Robert, June 2022 

"Their glow totems transformed our venue into a fairytale setting. Amazing!"   
— Angela & Edward, March 2022 

"Wonderful music, although the rain made us move indoors. The team adapted so quickly!"   
— Melissa & Sean, January 2022 

"Such smooth transitions between the ceremony and the reception. Thank you for a flawless evening!"   
— Kelly & Steve, October 2021 

"Their Photobooth was the highlight of the night. Everyone loved it!"   
— Patricia & Henry, August 2021 

"Their professionalism stood out. From planning to execution, top-notch service!"   
— Rachel & George, April 2021 

"The CO2 cannons were a unique and exciting touch! Thanks for an amazing night!"   
— Diane & Tony, December 2020 

"Everything was perfect except for the venue's electrical issues, but the DJs adapted quickly!"   
— Janet & Bill, September 2020 

"Even our grandparents were on the dance floor! What a magical evening!"   
— Maria & Paul, May 2020 

"Customized playlist, awesome lighting, couldn't have asked for more!"   
— Lauren & Peter, February 2020 

"They brought our vision to life. The audio guestbook was a hit!"   
— Julie & Mike, November 2019 

"Highly responsive and great mix of music. Perfect night!"   
— Susan & Tom, September 2019 

"Professional, fun, and nailed our musical taste perfectly!"   
— Karen & Jack, June 2019 

"Great service, although the venue's acoustics were a bit off. Not their fault though!"   
— Anna & Tim, March 2019 

"We didn't have to worry about a thing, they took care of every little detail."   
— Lisa & Chris, December 2018 

"Their online planning tool made everything so easy. An unforgettable experience!"   
— Emily & David, August 2018 

"Absolutely fantastic from start to finish! Had everyone dancing all night long!"   
— Sarah & John, May 2018 



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