AT THE TONE   guestbooks  are  the perfect way to capture all of the heartfelt messages  on your big day! At the tone is disguised as a cute, retro phone,  "we have many colors /styles to choose from"  and it's so easy to use. Just pick up the phone, then wait for the beep!   When you hang up the phone Your guests message will be safely stored ! 

Your guests can leave voice messages all day/night long,   the phone can be placed anywhere you like , At the tone is powered by  either a rechargeable battery pack or plug into the wall "both included in rental"  Audio clips are stored, and delivered to you via digital download.  From heartfelt messages to late night ramblings, The audio guestbook is a  must for your next event or special occasion. 


Other ideas: anonymous polls/ suggestions.  Raffle entries,  Record messages for holidays or birthday parties "have a santa claus voicemail or special character voice. The uses are limitless!

The audio guestbook is a mail order service (or an add on to any of our DJ/Photo Booth packages. Just let us know your date and location, we will ship it to you ahead of your event. Use it as much as you want, and then drop it back off at your local Fedex with a provided return label. Upon receipt back at our offices, we will deliver all your guestbook messages within 7-10 days.

Want it? Reserve your At The Tone audio guest book here:

What's Included: 

3 Day Rental 
Return shipping 
Setup instructions 
Unlimited guest voicemails 
Battery pack, wall plug in,  and charger


The audio guestbook is also for sale!  Contact us if interested in owning your own!

The Audio Guestbook

" Listen to your memories "

Our Audio Guest book replaces your traditional guestbook all together!   

Greeting suggestions, use one of these or create your own!


1. Thank you so much for joining us tonight for [occasion]. Please take a moment to leave us a message after the tone so that we can always remember this special day and the company you have shared with us! 

2. It’s me, [bride/groom], and me, [bride/groom]! 

It means the world to us to have you here tonight. 

Thank you for being our support. Our encouragement. Our partners in crime. For loving us through the ups and downs in life. For being our mentors, teachers and guides. You have helped to make us who we are, and for that we are forever grateful. 

After the tone, leave us your words of wisdom, a joke, your well-wishes, your love, or anything you’d like. Then get back to the celebration; enjoy tonight and let it be but a small gift for all you have done. 

3. Hi! It’s [bride/groom] and [bride/groom] and we just wanted to say that we’re both thrilled to have you here at our wedding! 

After the tone, please leave us a message to help us mark tonight’s celebration. Many years from now, your message will help us remember how being surrounded by our families and friends was the perfect beginning to our lives together as [husband and wife]!




Q: Do instructions come with the phone for the guests to read to help them use the phone? 

A: Yes! We have signage templates that we send via email for you to adjust as you see fit! 

Q: What are your COVID safety recommendations? 

A: We recommend using sanitizing wipes before and after each call as well as having hand sanitizer nearby for guests to use. We also recommend directing guests to hold the phone a few inches from their face when they record their message! 

Q: Do the phones need to be connected to a landline or wifi? 

A:  No! Our phones are completely wireless and require no outside connection to work, which means they can be placed anywhere! They are powered by a battery which allows the phone to record for 8-10 hours. 

q: How far in advance do you recommend booking? 

A:  Most bookings average a year in advance, however we usually can typically get a phone for anydate color options may limited for last minute bookings  so we always recommend sooner rather than later to ensure availability! 

q: Do you remove any voicemails? 

A: No! You will receive every voicemail that is left at your event. The only time we will ever remove a voicemail is if there is hate speech being used. 

Q: Is there a limit on the amount of audio we can record? 

A: No! We will send you every voicemail that is left on our phones for you to cherish forever! 

Q: When do we return the phone? 

A :We ask that you return the phone to the specified postal courier within two days of the event.  if there is an issue just email us and let us know. 

Q: What is the typical turnaround time? 

A: Our audio editors typically get voicemails back to clients within 2-4 weeks of receiving the phone back from them. Vinyl records take roughly 2-6 weeks to be completed and shipped. 

Q: I didn't originally order the vinyl record - is it too late? 

A: No! We can invoice you separately for that whenever you are ready. 

Q: Is there a military discount? 

A: We love the military and honor their service,  we give military, police, Fire & EMT discounts!!! 10% HOOAH!  

Q: How far in advance does your phone ship? 

A: Our phones ship out 8 - 10 days prior to your event date. And will arrive 2-8 days prior to their event date! If this timeline does not work with your event please reach out to us and let us know an ideal date you would like to receive your phone by! 

Q: How do I know my date is confirmed? 

A: Once your submit your deposit we can confirm that you are booked for your event! This means that you will receive a phone for your event! 

Q: When is my phone color confirmed? 

A: When you do the online booking quote you can select your color choice. 

Current available phones...